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3 January 1984
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Dianna A. Vazquez, a Twenty-Five year old, disaffected college student. I am an albatross to those who try to understand her. A walking contradiction, she is hard to peg. I am a procrastinating perfectionist, who holds delusions of her own grandeur and is a dictator of her own world. I define myself as a Slytherclaw. I need to give you no explanation. She has a great love of music, and owns entirely too many CDs. One could keep track what she listens to here. She is a Political Scientist, Strategist and a Machiavellian Realist. She hopes to get a PhD in Political Science. This is all in an attempt to start influencing her way through the Hill and from there, the world.

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This journal is a un-friend-locked open journal. It's here for all to see. Though, since it's only Birds Ext. Edition, it's not updated often. Usually, if you feel the need to keep up with my comings and goings, go to my weblog. Anyone may friend me, and anyone may read my entries. I have long since given up on the concept of privacy. Truly, LJ represents my small entry into a community. It is, one of many outposts I keep on the internet.

Again, I keep more than just this blog. And in actuality, if you really need to know my own comings and goings, go to Birds. It is there that I've kept the epic of my life from the age of seventeen. Plastic Halo holds my opinions on music. While, Punditocracy is a group blog with other Political Science students

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My main haunt, is hogwarts_elite. There, I'm sorted in to the House that Rowena built. Even there, no one knew what to do with me. As a walking contradiction this is to be expected. I am a proud Ravenclaw. And it is there, that I get to be as big of a Harry Potter dork as humanly possible. It's really quite fun, and this is a shout out to the girls there.

The Various Guild Wars communities I frequent as I am a competitive player on that computer game. I highly-recommend you check out the game and the communities, therein.

I also run my icon community, called apotheosis_icon. Friend it. You know you want to.

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